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DOWN & OUT 01:57
Give it up, your bitchin' and moanin' You make no sense when you're always complainin' Pick yourself up and dust yourself off You lost a battle when there's war to be won! What you need is a swift kick in the ass A little tough love as all things pass No point in crying over spilt milk What's done is done but are you gonna take it? Down and out Down and out baby You better put up a fight Cuz you're getting knocked out By all sides!
HUNGER 01:55
Spend your whole life looking for something Something to hold on, Try to prove your worth what you're made of In a world of illusions I got the hunger The way that it makes me feel I got the hunger Hunger for something real Maybe baby someday you'll figure out What you really want Until then we're all floating along with no lifeboats In a sea of confusion I got the hunger The way that it makes me feel I got the hunger Hunger for something real
Wake up every morning you feel the same old blues Depression got you by the balls what you gonna do? No time to hang around feeling sorry for yourself Better get your shit together cuz you ain't getting no help Stuck in the same old rut of poxy routines Living just to pay the bills it ain't no living 21st century oh what a drag! Stare at your screen every second until your brain screams STOP THE WORLD I WANNA GET OFF When you were young you wanted to be somebody But now that you're old you always sell yourself short Did all your hopes & dreams go down the drain? Are you feeling invisible well who's to blame STOP THE WORLD I WANNA GET OFF
Pirati ko geet haru gauney malai kunai rahar chaina Sundarta ko pachi vagnu mero lakchya hoina Gantabya ta sabko eutai huncha ani kunai hatar chaina Safalta ko sikhar chumney kunai abhilasa chaina Mero Afsoch k ko lagi? Tanav kasko lagi? Mari lanu k nai cha ra, Man lageko gar Man lageko gara! Kailekai anautho lagcha afnui pratibimba dekhera Sunyata ma ramauna khojchu tara man la kolahal cha Sundar lagcha yo kurup sansar jati ghrina garepani Pagalpan nai ramailo lagcha sayad yei ho jindagani Mero Afsoch k ko lagi? Tanav kasko lagi? Bachnu cha afnoi lagi, Marnu aghi bachna sik Sankoch k ko lagi? Chinta kasko lagi? Mari lanu k nai cha ra, man lageko gar Man lageko gara!


released October 3, 2022

Guitars/ Vox/ Whistles : SPAWN P.
Bass/ Keys : JOEY B.
Drums/ Artwork : MAX D.
Recorded on an 8 track and engineered with the help of
BRIAN H. (Mock Execution)


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RoachLeg Records Brooklyn, New York

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